my boyfriend's back. my weekend alone is over. a weekend of cookies and really good tv for a change. by "tv" of course i don't mean notmal tv since we don't have that, i mean dvds.

on tv: my landlord promised cable about a month ago. but last week he called to say we should just get a satellite and good luck with it.

anyway, i think i found something that i can just leave on in the background when i need it: scrubs. it was a christmas present and my god it is so funny. maybe cause i used to work with a bunch of surgery residents and i find it is so true. i stayed up all night watching.

i also get the movies i know jack won't like when he's out of town and i picked well this weekend:

secretary: a feel-good movie. reminded me how awful it is to rely on someone else for your ok-ness, and how nice it can be. and made me want to wear little barettes again. maggie is so cute; and she was so precious pregnant. i especially love this picture of her:

singles: oooh, i miss baby-doll dresses and combat boots so much! and i want to buy the soundtrack.

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