photo swap

i joined a photo scavenger hunt. how fun is that?

except that my swap partner is a little intimidating because from the pictures she looks like she's very cool and also like she gets a ton of mail. anyway, i have my 15 things to take pictures of:

1.your bedroom 2. colored lights. 3. mailboxes (any kind) 4.books in a library 5. the outside (or inside) of your local movie theatre. 6. washing machinces at a laundromat. a grocery store aisle. 7. the current shoes you are wearing. 8. clouds 9. a plate of food that you are about to eat. 10. a school bus 11. a interesting looking building in your town. 12. the outside of your favorite resturant/diner. 13. a photo of yourself with someone giving you bunny ears. 14. a musical instrument. 15. your choice of photo opt.

did you just look at number 1?

oh, i miss my old apartment so very much. the lovely, lovely ceiling and the way music in the cd player echoed throughout the rooms, and the way when i walked in from work i could see the sun setting through the bedroom windows from the front door, and the trash chute that your could just pitch everything into and it would fall into the parking garage and magically disapear (that i totally don't take for granted anymore), and the way i could be in bed and watch him brushing his teeth, and the way the concrete felt so nice and cool on bare feet.

that apartment felt like a fortress, like a safehaven, like my own little world. so isolated from the rest of everything. especially the bedroom. lying in bed and staring at the ceiling. the light coming in the morning. i used to take pictures of that bedroom just because i loved it so much.

so, partially to keep me from cheating on the photo scavenger hunt and sending pictures of my wonderful bedroom that were pre-taken oh, a year or so, i've posted them here.

the apartment is still pretty empty in this one, but that's the sunset sky from the front door. i miss that!

and that ceiling! hard to photograph thought because it was pretty hard to get close... the high ceilings were so incredible. 

i don't think i'm every going to live anywhere else that i love so much. it's impossible. try as i might, the current bedroom one just pales in comparison, i find myself hating it and hating to spend time in it (except for bedtime!). i don't know if i can even take a picture of it. it's just so... confining. i hate the wall -- it being so blank and so close to the bed, and the awful view from the windows. the red sheet he hung up over the window helped so much, as i've said before, but now the bed is missing its sheet, and i'm not sure what else can be done, knock down that awful wall? think the landlord would mind? i'd hate to be kicked out since the rest of the apartment is pretty yummy.

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