resolutions for 2015

Well, it appears that I am seriously over this blog with an average of one post a month through 2014. It's a little sad, because I've been blogging since 2004, a decade at this point, and I still often refer back to my blog for information, like what color was that nail polish or the name of that hotel we stayed in. 

I miss having a creative outlet and diary, but I keep making resolutions to blog more and not doing it. I'm not sure why, except that blogging has changed so much! 

Now when I write a blog post, I typically just keep it on the computer rather than posting it and work on it until it's perfect, and then still don't post it because it's outdated at that point. Instead of just dumping out my thoughts like I used to, I spend a bunch of time trying to make the photos the same width as the column or deciding which filter to use and it's so time-consuming. I wonder whether I should say something or not, and who might read it. It feels indulgent and superficial, and I miss being completely anonymous.

This year, I'm not making blogging a part of my resolutions, although I do want to find a way to creatively capture my day-to-day life. (Scrapbooking? Photobooks?)

2014 felt like a hard one, although I can't pinpoint exactly why. My resolutions this last year - the last two years if we're being honest - were such an epic fail that I didn't even remember what they were without looking back at the resolutions post. Partly because they weren't that specific - I do much better within strict boundaries - and partly because without blogging I didn't have a way journal or track the year. 

I want 2015 to be easier and more intentional. So, here they are, the 2015 resolutions:

Wake up early on weekdays. (Seriously, this one has been on the list every year since I graduated from high school. I'm so not a morning person.)

Exercise every day (at least 7 miles a week). (Should be easy since this will count going to the gym or running trail as well as just walking to the grocery store.)

Drink 3L of water every day.

Practice guitar on Rocksmith for 30 minutes every day. 

Read. At least 2 books a month, at least 15 minutes or 15 pages every day. (Not even messing with the longest books in the universe this year.)

Happy hour date night once a week. (Hubby and I started doing this a while back and it's awesome. The plan is to try a new place every week, and since it's only happy hour we don't lose much if the new place sucks. Plus, I think this keeps us from going out to eat as much for unplanned meals.)

Plan to attend a cultural event once a month. (Austin is fantastic for this, and we live in the perfect spot to take advantage of it. I'm not counting the festivals and free concerts that we stumble onto here, this has to be something we intentionally planned to attend to count. It will be live music mostly, but also the opera, ballet, etc.)

Because I love to check things off lists, I made a new calendar for the daily resolutions and printed it out (it's pictured above). My plan is to highlight the completed tasks as I go. I'm pretty sure this will keep me on track.

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