Boscalo Excedra Nice

Our trip to Nice took place during the few days of the year that they experience rain, sudden but quick downpours, but it didn't matter too much because the city was still lovely. It must have been a popular time of the year also, as we couldn't find a hotel with rooms available for the duration of our five day stay. We decided to stay in a splurge hotel for the first two nights, the Boscolo Excedra. The hotel was pretty amazing, and although it wasn't on the water, it was in a great section of town for walking around and exploring shops, restaurants and cafes. The hotel's restaurant was really good, but a bit overpriced. (We also tried to get a glass of wine at the hotel bar one evening, but after waiting almost thirty minutes for service, even though we were one of only two occupied tables, we canceled the order and left.)
The hotel's exterior is beautiful, as is the lobby:
Our room was pretty spacious and mostly white with hints of gold. Lovers of white roses, this hotel is for you, as the theme is carried through everywhere possible.
Check out the door handles and drawer pulls.
The room had a tiny, really tiny, balcony with a great view:
The bathroom was a bit too modern for my tastes, because the bathtub and shower were open to the rest of the hotel room. At least the toilet was doored, along with whatever this is below. A tiny bottle of intimate cleanser was included, but I definitely did not try to figure out how to use it.
I've never seen a hotel offer so many options for toiletries, available in like six different scents:

Would I stay here again? Yes. But I think I preferred the next hotel (post coming soon, I hope.) even more.


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