Does a vacation home in the French Riviera go on the wants or the needs list?

Just got back from maybe my favorite vacation ever, what better time to get this diary going again. Instead of trying to get together a huge recap and never posting it, I’m just going to do this little by little until its done. Starting here:

We got to the airport too early, and stopped for some fried oysters and beer. Figured we should have a few drinks to help fall, and planned to buy a glass or two of red wine on the plane. Did not know that wine on Luthansa is free and unlimited. It was a long flight; they served dinner and then breakfast. And I found a great new (to me) show –  Wildlife Nannies.

Why is it that knowing you really need to fall asleep makes it almost impossible to fall asleep? We had middle seats, but luckily the aisle person was a no-show and we could take that seat instead – not a bad way to start a trip! 

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