what to wear: workout

Well, I did it. I exercised. I find that's the hardest part, to actually go and do it instead of just saying that I am going to. And then every time after that, it gets easier and a little more routine. Right now, I'm just walking on the elliptical for 20-30 minutes, because, man, I am out of shape! I've only exercised a handful of times over the past 3 years, but I'm ready to change that.

Another key for me, my workout setlist. I actually look forward to listening to it, and I know when Adele come on that I'm ready to cool down.

My setlist (above) is about 27 minutes worth of music, organized by beats per minute - starts from 125, works it's way up to 150, and then back down to 128.  and I plan to add more songs as I start spending more time at the gym.

Right now, my workout wardrobe consists of a pair of old Reebok's, one pair of black yoga pants, two sports bras, topped by one of my husband's holey t-shirts. If this resolution's successful, I'm definitely going to expand it a bit. To that end, I've been googling "celebrity workout" for inspiration (Ashley Greene and Kate Beckinsale especially), and I've collected a few of my favorite gym looks:

And figured that I want simple, non-show-off-y basics in black, white and gray to mix and match:

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