New York, New York

Some pictures from our last trip to New York, one of my favorite places on the planet. 

Technically, this is Boston. We went there first. The tunnels to the airport are so scary!

We stay at the Bowery Hotel most of the time. It's located in a great spot, easy walk lot's of places, and just a great atmosphere. Maybe the best people watching in all of the city. And great views:

I hadn't seen a view of this huge yard, I wonder what it's for.

The hotel stocks the best magazines in your room, gives you three tiny cookies on a tray every night, and even provides a teddy bear for your bed (which is kind of gross to me, to think about cuddling a stuffed animal that strangers may have, so I always kick him off).

Think Coffee across the street has the best soups. This was ginger carrot artichoke. I've tried to find a recipe to recreate it, but haven't been able to.

Room service coffee, and after days of eating out and too much coffee, I was craving vegetables so much. 

Found them at a new cafe down the street. I love being able to walk everywhere.

Even got some new flats for walking around after my feet couldn't take high heels anymore.

As much as I love home, this is the only place I never want to leave.

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