For the last decade, I've been using the same boring soap (Dove sensitive skin beauty bar) after recommendation by a physician. (Seriously, how unfair, every thing that touches my body has to be free and clear, especially laundry detergent.) When trying to switch to more natural beauty products, I was really scared to try anything new, but when I found this at the grocery I fell in love with the nutty scent - reminiscent of the Laura Mercier Pistachio Body Scrub.

It lathers so well, lasts forever, and smells so good. The scent doesn't stick to your skin either, so you don't have to worry about it clashing with perfume. It was a bit drying at first, but I liked it so much that I kept on, and now guess my skin got used to it. This is one of my favorite beauty finds ever!

Another favorite:

I found used this toothpaste at the Bowery Hotel in New York, where I stole every tiny tube I could get my hands on. They actually sell full size tubes of it in the mini-bar there, but it was too expensive to risk getting taken away by security and I refuse to check bags for a toothpaste. I seriously contemplated purchasing it online, but buying toothpaste from Amazon seems a bit ridiculous. Anyway, we stumbled into a store the other day and there it was. Yay.

Speaking of things stolen from the Bowery Hotel, I fell in love with this magazine. I decided on the spot to order it, but this issue was so good I had to have it. I felt a bit guilty, but I figure that if they aren't okay with me taking it they could always charge my room for it. 

Seriously phenomenal.

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