Our bedroom is pretty minimal, with just a bed, two side tables, and a cat bed. For the last five years, we've had black sheets and comforter, and it just wasn't working anymore. So after I killed our comforter by shoving it into the washing machine one last time, we decided to go in search for a thin, but cozy blanket to take its place. One that could fit easily in the washer, but still felt substantial. We found the most beautiful, soft white blanket, and got white sheets to match. 

The linen store had a kitty living there, I stumbled upon him curled up on a show bed. I pet him a bit and he was purring instantly.

The room looked so much better and brighter instantly. But still a bit bare. So we went in search of a wall mirror, one that could be a substantial part of the bedroom decor, but that matched our style. Our friends in NYC have one close to the one below, made from a really old steel window frame, and it's beautiful in a antique, but modern way. 

I also really liked this yellow lucite frame, but probably because I'm a sucker for anything made out of plastic/resin/lucite.

Finally, we fell in love with this gigantic (8 foot tall?) faux white-alligator mirror. It's huge - substantial enough to be a focal piece of decor - but still bright and minimal. It was delivered today!

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