Young Guns

We watched Young Guns 1 and 2 recently, because I loved them when they came out and wanted the kids to see them too. Still good and, I never thought I'd say this, but I am totally intrigued with Billy the Kid! After a ton of wikipedia and www-reading, I started on Pat Garret's book The Authentic Life of Billy the Kid.

So interesting! For some reason I never realized these wild west stories are (partly, at least) true. Although in real life the outlaws don't look quite as cool as in Young Guns:

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  1. This photo comes from my collection of Jesse James photos that were authenticated by Philip W. Steele before he died. He was the authenticator for the James Farm and Museum for over twenty years. The collection is from the Poor family that were the grandparents of Jesse James and his wife. Frank Walker Poor lived next door to Jesse James Jr. and Zee in 1898 in Kansas City and is who owned this collection.