Books Inc

When we were in California a few weeks ago, I walked to the bookshop to get some reads for the trip. It's so lovely being in an actual real bookshop, and not Borders (especially with their 80-90% off - crazy inside) or Barnes & Noble, or a big discount shop.

Books Inc. is not too tiny, but not so large as to be too overwhelming and had a really decent selection. I only found about half of the 10 books on my list, but I found many more treasures that I wouldn't have picked up otherwise.

(Can't resist tiny notebooks, especially when you add candy.)

(Beautifully written, but very sad.)

(A one-hour read, but I just love me some Rand.)

(You can read it free online, but I still love an actual book.)

(I used to buy Italian or French Vogue instead, and couldn't read them at all.)

In other book-reading news, I am now officially 68% done reading Les Miserables and so excited. If I read 30 more pages this month, then 110 more pages for October, November and December, I'll be finished.

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