last week

I finally got down to visit my family.

There was book-reading:

(I really wanted to like this, because it was highly recommended by my sister, but I just didn't.)

and cat-petting:

(how do they have less cat hair in a house with five, than I do with only one?)

and snow-ball-eating:

(mine was Irish cream with condensed milk, and my niece had half cotton-candy, half chocolate with gummy bears. I spent a long time trying to decide on a flavor, but honestly, I hardly matters as there is no bad snow-balls.)

and sushi-picking-up:

(I could eat a seaweed salad every day and be happy.)

and birthday-partying:

(which included filling a bunch of water balloons. Seriously, my sister bought 500 balloons!)

and magazine-reading:

(I really want - need! - this dress if I ever have a ball to attend or red carpet to walk...)

and finally, home-returning:

(my own sweet cat was very happy to see me.)

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