I think I say this every time I fly

I woke up at 4:00 am, ya'll!
An airplane is like a tiny capsule of the spectrum of human personalities. You see, and are trapped in a small space with, many people, all with different lives, and different reasons for being there, from business to pleasure. Everyone's a little stressed, probably tired, and in a hurry, and a little out of their normal routine, surrounded by strangers. I think it must be like being drunk, flying distills your true personality and allows it to become really obvious. It's always sad to me that the people who are just completely rude and selfish completely outnumber the people with normal social consciousness.
Hubs and I watched season 7 of Entourage on my laptop, which greatly helped to pass the time. (I love our headphone splitter!)
Anyway, Menlo Park is a bit different than LA, or even the rest of San Francisco. It's sort of a place to work, I guess, rather than a place to live or visit. There is a Tesla dealership:
(I saw a Tesla on the road once, in Palo Alto. I only noticed because people were taking pictures of it.)

It had bacon, ham (you need both!), avocado, tomato, cheese, and three eggs, on an English Muffin, served open-faced, also sour cream (which I scraped off, yuk.) and chives. I wondered briefly when reading the description how three scrambled eggs would fit on an English Muffin. Now I know. If I were to recreate this at home, I would choose either the ham or bacon (probably the bacon, let's be real), half the eggs, and leave out the cheese, sour cream and chives.
I did not take a photo, but since you can find anything on the internet, apparently, including the breakfast sandwich you forgot to take a photo of, here it is:
Photo by/from Less of Mimi blog, somehow she made it look much smaller than it actually was.
Also, I love the weather here! If I lived here, I would spend all my time riding around with the windows down. Or standing in the shade and marveling at how cool it is compared to in the sun.

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