les mis

The year is officially half way over, and I am on pae 493 of Les Miserables which means I am officially 40.3% done. This also means I can read just 5 pages a day and still be finished with this book by my goal of the end of 2011. Les Mis is really good - great even, but only sometimes. Other times, it is so boring I have to make myself not skip ahead. So I alternate between reading 30 or 40 pages without even realizing it, and struggling to make myself read 5 or 10 pages in one sitting. I also have times when I just get so caught up in his language and words chosen, which is really beautiful at times, without paying attention to what is actually happening. I don't know how a person would even go about writing something like this and making it work, and in that regards, I do think Hugo is a genius.

When I'm finally finished reading this, I am going to see the musical and the movie, and the movie musical! I can't wait.

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