Wow, April, are you almost over already? April has been life-changing. Thrilling and stressful. And definitely the beginning of something new. So many things to blog about, so little posts.

Today, I just want to take a moment to post this beautiful image of Reese Witherspoon from U.S. Vogue May 2011's A Day at the Circus. (Side note: I will most certainly not see Water for Elephants; they describe it as a movie in which terrible things happen to everyone and go on to say A feel-good movie this is not. Not my cup of tea.)

Anyway, I really admire Reese after reading the article. I especially like Nora Ephron's description of her living her life in a dignified way. I read it and thought, that's what I want people to say that about me. And then I looked up what exactly it meant to live life in a dignified way (you can google anything) and this was my favorite answer:

To be loving, to reach out to others, to be kind and compassionate - these are the things which create a life of dignity.
Basically, facing your reality, particularly hardships, with love and positivity, instead of bitterness and negativity. And being open and honest, but also private.

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