pumpkin bread

This one has fresh cranberries!

Have you ever seen a fresh cranberry? I don't think I ever had in real life till I saw these babies in the fruit aisle after Thanksgiving. I've eaten my share of Craisens, and the annual slice of canned cranberry sauce on turkey, and I love cranberry juice, so I thought I pretty much knew what to expect when I popped one of them in my mouth. Not so! Man, these things are pretty yuck - so, so sour!

I went along with my recipe anyway, but did not have much faith. Got even more worried when the bread batter's consistency was more like cookie dough.

It baked up deliciously, not too sweet, but not too tart at all, and I had a warm piece right out of the oven. After my hubby tasted a bite of mine he even had to have his own piece!

I would definitely make this recipe again. I followed it exactly, except not really cause here are the changes I made: substituted 1 cup brown sugar for white, left out the orange peel, substituted 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice for cinnamon, and baked in 2 round silicon cake pans for 45 minutes.

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