The Albert Einsteins are here

Oh my, I love these Alberts so much!

We got the brainstorm for this awesome art project a while ago, and finally realized it. And it's just as good as I imagined.

They are hanging right by our front door, and every single time I come in, I say out loud: I just love these Alberts so much!

So, the art is all creative-commons-licensed photos from Flickr, which in this case meant we could print a copy for non-commercial use (as long as you attribute it). The awesome thing is that we've seen one or two of these Einstein graffitis in real life. So cool that you can search Flickr and find the photos that you missed taking!

Here's the photos we used:

Photo by Locace.

Photo by Jakedobkin.

Photo by Setlasmon.

Photo by Jonas B.

Photo by Indrasensi.

Photo by Peter John Chen.

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