shopping in silver...

So, we've been doing a tiny bit of fall shopping lately, in preparation for a trip to New York and Boston!

I got the most perfect black (ballerina?) flats:

(I've waited forever to find these!)

A black one-button blazer for throwing on in the fall when traveling, and in the winter at home:

And a lovely Texas lone star belt buckle for hubby:

(Not too over-the-top, but just enough cowboy bling.)

I can't wait for fall to really come here. The nights are already getting cooler, leaves are piling up, and the days haven't tipped 95 degrees on the scale in about a week or two. (Fall is really much better for clothes, because in the summer here, it's so hot you can't bear to wear more than shorts and a tank top, or maybe a sundress. You can't wear very much makeup because it just sweats off, and your hair really, really wants to be in a ponytail or bun all the time.)

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