Rough Beauty - Dave Anderson

Gotta get this out the way: I bought this book (used) for $3.19! I'm so excited about that! I've been wanting it for years...

Anyway, it's by a photographer named Dave Anderson. Right now he is exhibiting photos taken in New Orleans during the Katrina rebuilding, but this book is of his last exhibition, Rough Beauty.

I don't know why these photos speak so much to me; I've seen variations of them all my life. They are simultaneously so familiar and heartbreaking and repulsive and innocent. They were actually taken somewhere called Vidor, Texas, which I've never been, but they feel like my home.

I found him, by chance, when I had to do a presentation of a modern photographer who was inspiring to me for a photo class a while back. And then right after that, got to see his exhibit, by chance, after wandering into a small museum next to our hotel on a trip to Chicago. I've wanted the book ever since, and I'm so glad to have it.

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