New (Old) Music Monday: Led Zeppelin

Yep, I know. But I've not ever actually listened to a Led Zeppelin album before, other than when I was a child and forced to on car (van) trips with my dad. Led Zeppelin reminds me of my dad, in the same way that Rod Stewart reminds me of my mom.

But, even so, I decided to give them a try since hubby loves them very much and, so, a few years ago I bought like 5 cds fully intending to listen to them. Hadn't gotten around to it them until last weekend, when we spent most of Sunday's 12-hour drive listening to them.

Verdict: I like them. They have few songs that I don't care for, a few songs that I really like, and all-in-all I can now tolerate, and even enjoy, a drive set to Led Zepplin. (Does this mean I am old?)

In addition, I think the dudes looked way cool:

(Especially Robert Plant. I mean, anyone who goes around practically bare-chested when everyone else has their big coats on is all right in my book.)

And I always love when people have interesting Wikipedia entries. (The song lyrics referencing Lord of the Rings totally freak me out though. I mean, I like LOTR too, but c'mon...)

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