Last Saturday, we had a little building movie night. And watched Zombieland projected on the wall of the complex. You forget you are even outside (well, except when the train comes by), because the patio is so cozy and the picture and sound are great. Our neighbor's projector is so awesome - you can hook a laptop or blu-ray player or whatever right up to it! I want to sell the tv and get one!

(This is from last time we did it, so it is The Goonies instead of Zombieland. Ooh, we should so do Rocky Horror next!)

I wore what I think of as sort of an Audrey Hepburn ensemble (but it was so hot that I had to change into a tank top after about 10 minutes). And my new shoes from the Buffalo Exchange in Houston:

I've been wanting some clogs for a while now, and these are perfect! I love Buffalo Exchange - there is so much you almost can't not find something. I also found the most awesome-tacky dress:

And hubby stocked up on tshirts. My favorite was this Radiohead one:

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