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Yesterday, my husband came with me to a doctor's appointment. He came home on his lunch break, and drove me there, and waited with me, and even came in the room with me. I realized I've never had anyone do that before (and never had anyone I'd want to do that before). It's so nice, being married to someone you love. Being always with them. This makes me sad.

That is the big thing. Here are some little things:

Candy. Especially Strawberry Twizzlers and m&ms. Especially the Valentine's Day M&Ms that come in shades of pinks and reds. I love them. And I really love make cookies with them instead of chocolate chips:

And if they could bottle the smell of Twizzlers, I would totally wear it as perfume or light candles of it throughout my house. (Wait, what? They. Have. That.?! I'm so going there.) I ate the whole bag by myself:

New music. Listening to a Kings of Leon album right now that I bought from iTunes yesterday. I actually remember when we used to have to go to a record store to get new music. And hope it was there or have them order it for you. Or tape it from the radio. So easy now. Other news and olds on my playlist right now: The Cult, Fiona Apple, Lacuna Coil, Lush, Muse, Pixies, Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson (I know, really), PJ Harvey, Poe, Sonic Youth, Veruca Salt, The Who, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I seems like there is an infinite amount of music to be listened to!

Ever heard of her?:

Wine. I don't drink wine too often, but I'm learning how to choose it a little better when I do. The last two bottles were both hits. I only like red, so that narrows it a good deal already and I learned another secret - those little rating numbers on the grocery tag. They seem to be right (so far). We also got a wine stopper thingie as a gift from our neighbors which makes me feel very grown-up and fancy. And I can open a bottle pretty well now. I kind of hate wine too, because I tend to go all amnestic after too much of it and nothing's more embarrassing then socializing with people and then not remembering whether you said anything stupid, or insulting, or just embarrassing (I can be guilty of way TMI).

Art museums. Walking through them all by yourself and with absolutely no time frame so you can read every single little sign and stare at whichever ones you want for as long as you want. I love that sometimes if I think of an artist, I can remember real paintings from real memories hanging on a museum wall and not just pictures from a book or internet. I saw this, in DC, I remember it so well:

I saw this too, in Chicago:

That is so awesomely weird to me!

Life is really good, isn't it? Different than I thought, but, better.

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