Lake Tahoe

Got back at midnight on Saturday, rested on Sunday, got back into the groove on Monday (exercise and guitar practice!), and today I'm ready to think about Lake Tahoe again...

There are mountains and Christmas-y pines everywhere, which is weird to me to see in the summer:

I could have lived in our hotel room - a bedroom, living room with sofa bed and fireplace, kitchen, and a giant bathroom with a separate shower and the deepest bathtub I've ever been in:

The resort pool was super nice too, with a water slide and pretty scenery all around:

Here's my new hat to cope with the sun, combined with massive amounts of spf 50+ reapplied all day long, I didn't even get a tan.

But I did finish reading War and Peace (!):

We went rafting on the last day, which I think was everybody's favorite:

And then a long trip back home:

It's good to be home.

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