July (1/2 year?!) resolution update

1- Wake up earlier.
I'm not trying to do this really, except by setting my alarm for 9:30 am. Don't know why but almost every day this week I've woken up before my alarm, and actually gotten out of bed. That is crazy for me.

2- Exercise every day.
This needs a change to 4-5 days a week. Which I have been doing now for a month. Usually Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, and only 3 miles a day (sometimes only 2), but that is completely fine with me. This morning I started at 10:30, and did two miles before guitar lessons. That is also crazy for me.

I also bought myself some new running shoes (should have done ages ago) and a new sports bra (from Lulu Lemon. And I thought it was crazy to spend $50 on a sports bra and I was so wrong. It's the best sports bra I've ever had by a long shot. I'm in love with it.).

3- Get dressed before lunch. Nope, not in normal clothes, and not with makeup. But I am dressed in workout clothes every day when hubby comes home for lunch. And then I get dressed (with makeup) before I leave the house (which is almost every day now).

4- Keep the house clean. Yeppers. I am turning into a such a good housewife. I need to get better at sweeping and mopping though, but the apartment is usually only ever 10 minutes of cleaning away from letting people in. We still have a few boxes from the move (1/2 a year ago!) that are still hanging around though, this month's goal will be to go through them and also return the bag of library books sitting by the front door - they are 2 1/2 years overdue!

5- Read unread book stack, 1 per month. I am rocking at this. Just realized I read three books in June, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (eww), Eat, Pray, Love and 4 Blondes. None of these were on my unread book stack, or even my to-read book list, but two out of three were borrowed instead of bought.

I didn't finish anything in May though, but I read at least one book's worth of War & Peace, which I am counting. July's goal will be to finish it, although I find it quite hard to do any serious reading in the summer.

6- Learn to play guitar. When I get around to it, playing, practicing is so much fun. But thinking about how I have to practice is not fun at all. I'm sucking at practicing regularly, lately I've waited until Tuesday to get a good practice in because lessons are Wednesday. One week, my guitar was still packed in it's case from the last week when it was time for lessons. I've got to find a way to get over the mental block and just do it...

Husband is a different story. He plays for hours every night, until his fingertips hurt too much to go on, and he is good. He picks his guitar up anytime he has 5 minutes to spare, or even 3 minutes (I plan when I am going to devote an hour, and then do dishes instead).

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