living alone

Hubby was out of town last week, and while I really believe it's better to be alone than with the wrong person, when you're used to living with the right person, being alone pretty much sucks:

No one to pick up the dead bugs. There's was a moth in our closet (this is bad, right? It's the only one I've seen ever in there, and it had better not been eating my clothes) and a dead tiny cricket or something on the floor in the dining room. They were there for 4 days.

Scary at night. I'm really scared to go to bed at night (and even to take a shower, to be honest), when he's out of town. One night I stayed on the phone with my mom until midnight, then watched a few episodes of Man vs. Food (man, it makes me sick watching him. That can't be good for him).

Boring. Seriously boring. Thank goodness for netflix. This is what I did one night:

Order our 300+ photos from Rome since they came in a complete random order. They couldn't have been less chronological if Apple had really tried. It was impressive, really. I sorted them in time order on the computer and then used that as a guide to get them in order. That's just not something you get around to doing if you are not home alone.

Eating too much. Probably because of being seriously bored and staying up all night, watching the food network even, but I eat so much more when I am home alone. If it was this way all the time, that would not be good.

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