Today, I ran some errands. Doesn't seem exciting, but it is! I can finally make my way around the city without writing down directions to and from everywhere. I can decide to take a different way, or skip an errand, or add one, without freaking out. This is huge! This is the first place I've ever felt like this (besides New Orleans which doesn't count because I lived there for 25 years), I think that means it is home.

Went to the post office to mail something we picked up for my mom in Rome, along with the pictures that I finally got printed. I may do this every time we go anywhere, it was a great excuse to take a picture of us everywhere we went, which I would have wanted to do anyway, but would've felt silly doing otherwise.

Went to Best Buy and Borders to pick up a few birthday gifts to add to this pile for Saturday:

Sadly, my oldest step-son turned into a teenager last weekend. Not literally, but it was pretty obvious for the first time that he is going to start growing up. It was the first time he wasn't as interested in the lego playing and family rock band playing and all the normal stuff we do. He didn't even really have much of a birthday list for the first time ever (which was actually kinda cool because now we can surprise him with awesome stuff).

For his birthday, he asked for my pumpkin fudge cake, that I kind of invented, but not really since there was already a recipe out there on the internet, with coffee ice cream. I so can not cook, so it's really a little miracle that these three boys think I'm good at it.

And what I made myself tonight might be the dinner ever, but one I can only do when I'm home alone, because husband would not agree at all. I learned about roasting veggies a few weeks ago, and I can't get enough of it. So easy too.

Tomorrow, I drive to Houston to pick up my hubby from the airport and I don't even mind the driving part, because I miss him so much.

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