search for perfect red lipstick continues...

I know I'm a bit late on the Russian Red bandwagon. I just hadn't tried it 'cause I was sure it would be too blue-ish for or look just hot pink on me like some other bright reds. Surprise - I really like it. It's very red, wears well, and has a matte finish that I really love.

Ignore everything but the lipstick - which I'm noticing looks more orange-y in this iphone pic than it does in real life. (Oh, and my new gingham shirt from J.Crew, which I've wanted ever since I saw these pictures ages ago...)

The internet says that these reds are also Russian Red, and I believe them!




and Zooey:

She is too cute!

So, this is embarrassing, but one book that I really love is The One Hundred by Nina Garcia. Basically, it lists and describes the one hundred pieces every stylish woman must own according to Ms. Garcia. Red lipstick is definitely in there and a good place to start if you are looking for the perfect red. Some that she recommends are Chanel Red No.5, MAC Ruby Woo, Clinique Angel Red (I have and love! It's more everyday red than evening out, but it wears off way too fast on me.), Cover Girl Really Red, NARS Fire Down Below, and her list goes on but I won't. I love this book - my closet goal is to eventually have all one hundred!

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