I hate hate hate driving on (near) the interstate and I hate hate hate driving in the rain. I especially hate hate hate driving on the interstate in the rain to drop off my car for repairs. I've finally mostly learned my way around here enough to enjoy getting out and going places (I know, but I was car-less for sooo long!), and I hate that I'm going to be stuck again! To top it off, my guitar lesson for today got cancelled. Uggg.

At least my husband is back from Detroit, and I have Sex and the City Season 4 to get started on when I get back home. At first, it was something fun to have on in the background when I'm cooking or washing dishes or whatever, but now I'm addicted. Although, I really don't get how everyone was so crazy about Carrie's wardrobe - but then I remember that I am a decade late in watching.

And at least I don't have a misspelled tattoo. Seriously, I'm perversely fascinated. It's so tragic (Should I say tradgic?) and so funny at the same time.

I know everybody makes mistakes (I once used their on a poster instead of there and I am still embarrassed to this day), but how do you misspell Chi-town on your chest?

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