merry christmas

We had planned to fly back from Boston on Christmas day and spend the night at the Houston airport hotel. Even though we cancelled the trip to Boston, we decided to drive to Houston anyway and booked a room at the Four Seasons instead. It was so nice to be in a posh hotel for the holiday, and have a nice Christmas dinner at the hotel restaurant, Quattro. It really felt like a vacation!

Dinner was great, it amazes me that I spend so much time with my husband and we still have such great dinner conversations...

Good wine:

An antipasta buffet:

Followed by seafood stuffed flounder (for me):

And then a dessert buffet:

We sampled a little bit of everything...

Afterwards, we hit the bar for a few more drinks and then back to the room, where we were awakened at 12:30 am by a fire alarm!

Definitely a memorable Christmas.

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