happy birthday to me...

For my birthday weekend, we did some shopping and ate some sushi. Then we ate some chocolate cake (picked up in slices from Whole Foods), watched American Beauty, and walked across the street for a beer (or two) before bed.

The perfect husband - my best present ever!

My actual birthday present turned out to be a painting we saw in a coffee shop and had to have:

By a local 12 grader, who is in an after school art program nearby. Here's his self-portrait along with a few of his other pieces at the coffee shop:

And here's my present hanging in our new apartment:

Absorb by Trevor Miranda. I love the colors.

We pretty much worked non-stop last week to get everything unpacked and set up, so that we could just relax this weekend. I love the way all our stuff fit into the new place. It feels so nice here, like we moved to a whole new city.

Boys' room:

Bedroom, with laundry room behind the green curtain. I love my pink twinkle lights!:

Office area:

Living room:

Random table/chair area:

Dining room:


And my husband's favorite detail, the window by our bedroom:

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