baby it's cold outside...

Really, it might snow tomorrow. Here. Maybe:

Although the chance of snow on Christmas is pretty much zero:

Let's just skip right over the last two weeks for now, the moving, the unpacking, the driving to New Orleans and back, and focus on Christmas. When I was younger, my mom always put up her Christmas tree on the day after Thanksgiving and she started playing non-stop holiday music then too. For a month or so that's all that could be heard throughout the house and it was the most annoying thing ever. But since I've been a grown-up, I find that Christmas doesn't feel like Christmas without the music. I find myself buying a few more cd's each year to add to the collection, and now it's pretty large (especially compared to my mom's three or so records she'd play on repeat, which probably added to the annoying factor).

This year's additions were the soundtrack from Elf, and Wintersong by Sarah McLachlan. They are both pretty good, although Elf has a few bad songs that are made up for by my new favorite Christmas song: Baby, It's Cold Outside with Zooey Deschanel. I think she could sing the ABC song and I would listen to it on repeat.

I think I have every single cd Sarah McLachlan has ever made. I love her.

I also downloaded Don't Shoot Me Santa by the Killers, which cracks me up every time I listen to it. I think the boys will get a kick out of it too.

The other day I put them all on iTunes, made a playlist with my favorite 100 songs and then sorted them so it won't be all the same artists in a row (Charlotte Church and Twisted Sister are both a little much when you listen to the whole cd straight, but in very different ways), and I've been listening non-stop since then.

Before then, I had the Elf movie playing in the background several times a day. I think that is maybe my favorite movie ever, even out of non-holiday movies. I hate Will Ferrel but I love him in it. It's so silly and cute and I love it. I still want to get myself an elf costume.

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