swimming in october?

View from our window last night, it looks so pretty when the lights come on and the sun starts to set:

I so want to live in California now. It's October and I spent the morning at the pool with my book and iced pumpkin spice latte. It was beautiful - sunny and quiet (except for the sounds of waterfalls and faint music from the restaurant).

Now, I'm going to take a quick bath (baths! my favorite thing about staying in a hotel room since moving into an apartment with only a shower), then walk around the gaslamp district to find something to eat, and maybe back to that mall.

I'm liking Julia Child more each day, and her husband too. They seem so young and playful and in love, even though the book begins when she was already 36. It's inspiring; I want to learn to speak French, tour Europe in an old car, cook and cook and cook, bring my camera everywhere, and send out a card like theirs from 1956 every year:

(from this Vanity Fair article)

Another thing I like about these conferences is the excuse to go out to eat every night and go to Starbucks every morning. We've been several downtown restaurants so far, from seafood (Oceannaire - very good stuffed sole), Indian (Masala - really slow service), Thai (Rama - decent), to a steak restaurant (Fleming's - great service and really good food).

I, for one, and not at all a steak person. I've ordered it maybe once at a restaurant, and never been able to eat more than a few bites. It's just, well, gross - the taste, the texture, the color. But the other night, I was craving red meat. I kept saying I wanted a burger, which I rarely eat, and when we wound up at the steak place the chicken and seafood on the menu just didn't seem appealing. So, I got the steak... and ate almost every bit of it. It was so good, the best steak I've ever tasted without a doubt, although that probably has little to do with the restaurant and more to do with my unusual craving. I wonder if I'm going to like steak from now on or if it was a one time thing.

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