artificial light

So, I finally bit the bullet and spent a gazillion dollars on some foundation. I just asked the guy what he recommended (his foundation looked pretty good) and bought it, so we'll see how it turns out.

I decided to do this on the subway on our last trip to new york. I was admiring how pretty a girl on the platform was, her skin was dewy and illuminated. I blamed her being 19 (at the most), but husband thought maybe her makeup was helping. He was kind of flabbergasted when I told him that I usually pick up makeup at the grocery store, and pretty much insisted that I go to a makeup store next time. I hated the thought of spending $40 for a compact, but you know he was right about the socks: I teased him forever for buying expensive socks when you can get a 6-pack for $10 at wal-mart and stuck to that until I actually bought an expensive pair on emergency one trip. They were so much more comfortable, it changed my whole day! Plus they last longer, so the price difference is pretty much made up for in the long run. Let's hope makeup is the same...

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