This city sucks!

Our trip was awesome, I have so much that I want to post about it
before I forget. But, yesterday, I just wanted to hang around and try
to get the house cleaned (which was/is a disaster from being away for
pretty much the last two weeks). When I started to leave to pick up
some groceries I got a nice surprise: someone had broken into my car
(in the gated parking garage). M'f'ers! I was so happy to be home, and
that completely ruined iidle me. They stole the kids' old playstation
and new portable DVD player, which was worth such little money, and
their DVD case with years of collected boy movies and playstation
games, which will cost thousands of dollars to replace. I am so mad!
But, on the bright side, I discovered Rock Band (came bundled with the
psp's we got last night to replace the stolen stuff for these long car
rides) and it is so much fun! I'm not very good yet, but am already
totally addicted; we stayed up until one last night playing!

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