if you don't like cactus, you won't like this post

Last Sunday, since our flight wasn't until the evening, we decided to drive from Phoenix to Sedona. I'm so glad we did!

As we drove, the scenery slowly changed from cacti-covered hills to crazy red mountains. The temperature also slowly changed from 103 degrees in Phoenix to 81 degrees in Sedona.

It took us about two hours to get there (love the 75 mph speed limit, although probably not if I had been driving), we stopped to eat at a quaint Mexican restaurant (good food, but the restaurant was a little on the dirty side) in the Village of Oak Creek right outside of Sedona, then drove straight back to the Phoenix airport. 

Cacti mountains:

(This is my favorite thing about Phoenix: layers of mountains each way you look.)

(This is my second favorite thing about Phoenix: two-story cacti everywhere you look.)

Somewhere in between, it looked a lot like Texas:

Red rocks:

I love to see places that look different than anywhere else I've seen. I love to be able to imagine somewhere in my mind, and know exactly how it looks from real life rather than from a movie or photograph I've seen. 

And, my husband, this is just for you, because I know this post's title is killing you:

Copied straight from wiki, which makes it automatically true.

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