phoenix and photo shoots

Next week we will be in Phoenix for a couple of days, and I have absolutely nothing planned except sleeping, taking long baths (seemed yucky to me too, until I started living in an apartment with just a shower. Now, I take them whenever I can), and lounging by the pool with a magazine and book. This will be the start of the summer for me. 

On that note, I went bathing suit shopping yesterday. This is the first time I can remember that I didn't get depressed in the dressing room. Maybe it's because I'm getting older and more accepting of my body or maybe it's because of my iPhone Diet and Richard Simmons.

I wound up with these two bikinis, but in black:

I picked out the one on the left, it has a kind of 1950s glamour. My husband picked the one on the right. After we got home, he mentions, I swear, I didn't pick that bathing suit because Megan Fox wore it on the cover of GQ. First of all, wow, that he remembered what someone was wearing on a magazine in October of last year...

and secondly, that is the mental image I'm going to be compared to whenever we go swimming? Not fair! A mini-iPhone photo shoot ensued, so he could prove to me how much we look alike.

I thought he was messing with me, until I realized that he's probably only taking one (two) thing(s) into account...

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