the winter blur is over

and today i can sleep. ok - winter's not really over, but it is 70s and sunny here in texas so it feels like it is.

christmas was fun: seeing old friends, spending time with both of our families, putting together a million lego star wars sets, playing in the snow, and my long-awaited present to myself - a holga.

i always end up having to do most of the building. we were rockstar parents via ebay this year - spent way too much money and bought many of the retired lego sets they wanted...

i spent time in louisiana, massachusetts, and texas this holiday and none of them really feel like home anymore. i think out of all, gloucester felt most home, which surprised me. i miss it so. the beauty and simpleness and seasons. but the gray sky all day and the dark coming at 5 pm really got me depressed last year. i felt so isolated... but that's more me and less the state i've realized.

this is as sunny as it ever gets:

and so my real resolution for this year is for life not to feel so temporary. i've felt like i'm waiting for so long now, but this is it! i want it to feel real.

and i can't resist posting this: he almost broke his leg sledding

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