cell phone

i have to take pictues, print, and mail them today for that photo swap and i don't want to. it's taken the fun out of taking pictures and made it more like a homework assignment that i procrastinate in the worst way.

oh, well, here are some pictures from my old cell phone. it's been replaced by a shiny new model, but you know i really don't like the new one any better. i guess i was more attached to my dinkly old phone tha i though. although i won't miss it powering off arbitrarily due to the crack to the thing holding it together. oh, well.

my sister in the hospital a few years ago, oooh, she's going to be mad.

oysters on the half shell at acme, new orleans style.

1/4 of a mufaletta and abita amber beer.

baby bowling with bumpers and a rolling lane in baton rouge, la.

sign posted in the new orleans airport.

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